Pictures I Have Taken
I found this maple leaf in the snow last Winter. A perfect little symbol of Canada.
A little glimpse of the daisies in one of the fields at our place.
Partial solar eclipse, June 10th, 2021.
Blooms on one of our (above) apple trees and (left) plums.
The night sky taken with my iPhone 12. It can see stars I just can’t…
This is Ace – he is a North American Spotted Draft and I rescued him when he was 2 years old (he is 11 now)
The shepherd is Charlie, the lab standing up is Ash, and the Collie/Lab cross lying down is Jessie.
Jessie (left) and Ash in the snow.
The puppy pound face of Ash.
Jessie (left) and Ash (as ever, not standing still!)
Bloom on one of our apple trees (the apples are red fleshed too).
This is Hot Fuzz, my electric dual sport Zero DS/R. I do a bit of touring on the bike and it is lovely not to hear an engine as we move…
More, probably, to come.