My Name is Steve
I drew this (and all the pictures in my textbook too!)
I do not look remotely like this. Except that I do not have hair.
I study trust.
This does not sound very special.
Actually, I look at how people and their tools (computers, AI, things like that) work together to achieve amazing things, and how trust plays a part in all of that.
I call these things Trust Systems.
Which sounds a little more special.
I write about it too. You can find some of the things I write on this site. There are also links to other publications on this site.
(Well, it’s almost as finished as I want it for now!)
It is about Trust Systems. It is not your average textbook. It includes video lectures, interviews with experts, learning experiences and more. And it is free. I like free in education. (Which doesn’t mean I don’t want to get paid for what I do. It means students shouldn’t really have to pay for it while they are students). It will be ready by the end of 2021 as an Open Educational Resource (OER) and you will be able to get it for free by clicking the button above when it is ready.
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I am an Associate Professor of Trust Systems. I teach Trust Systems, Information Security, and Introductory Management courses in the Faculty of Business and IT.
I am currently working on a set of online videos for learning to code, the “Steve Way.” They will be free. I will link to them here when they are ready.
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My teaching involves using technology like Explain Everything, a lightboard I built myself, a great deal of humour, and sometimes music.